Welcome to Techno-Liberty

Thanks for dropping in! On this blog’s grand opening day, most of you reading this probably already know me. For those who don’t, I’m Gary McGath. Some information about me and this blog will stay available on the About page after this post scrolls into obscurity.

The reason for this blog is that I’m scared of what’s happening in the United States and the world. We’ve sunk into a permanent state of war, and for all practical purposes Congress has surrendered its power to declare war to the president. Spy agencies are out of control. What Trump will do in the next four years is frightening to contemplate, but what Clinton would have done is, at best, only marginally less bad.

I believe that our best chance lies in a liberal coalition against both the authoritarian left and the authoritarian right. I mean “liberal” in the old sense of the word, which has nothing to do with Obamacare. To be liberal is to favor liberty, to value the individual rather than the state, to be tolerant of disagreement. My own views are unashamedly libertarian, but by “liberal” I mean something broader, covering free-market conservatism, civil liberties advocacy, and any other position which at least tends toward freedom and open discussion. Many on the left have moved away from genuine liberalism, turning against free speech and open exchange of views. Their new term is “progressive,” which echoes Woodrow Wilson, enemy of every kind of freedom. It has given up any claim to the word “liberal.” Let’s take it back.

This blog is dedicated to an area where people of generally liberal views can come together: the use of technology for freedom. If you’re interested in ways of communicating without censorship or spying, non-governmental ways of creating enforceable agreements, breaking down borders, working around Internet blocking, circumventing monopolistic government controls, or escaping abusive interpretations of intellectual property, this blog will point you at information you can use.

I’m open to suggestions for topics. If you’d like to do a guest post, let me know. This blog will work best if a community builds around it.

Look for a post every Tuesday and Thursday. I’m planning to alternate analyses of broad topics with items on current news. All of this is subject to change as life exerts pressures, of course. This isn’t a source of income for me, unless someone decides to put a lot of money into the tip jar, so other things may sometimes take priority.

Enjoy the blog, and best wishes to everyone for 2017!


Published by

Gary McGath

I am a freelance writer, author of the books _Files that Last_ and _Tomorrow's Songs Today_, with a strong background in software development, file formats, and digital preservation.

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