Computer and communication technology has helped to free us. It lets us communicate over long distances, discover information, and perform tasks that would otherwise be beyond our reach. But it can take away our freedom when power-grabbers use it. People can use tech to preserve and enhance their freedom, or to build a surveillance state.

The natural tendency of tech is to liberate, since it’s a product of the thinking mind. Brutes can grab it for their purposes, but they can’t create it. To stay ahead of the brutes, though, we need to make the best use of our tools. This blog is about ways to do that.

My name is Gary McGath. I was a software engineer for many years, and now I’m a full-time writer. I’ve created this blog as a resource for discovering the ways that technology can advance liberty. You’ll see occasional forays into libertarian politics, but mostly it will be about technical issues: encryption, privacy, blockchains, data accumulation, secure communication, and so on.

It’s a broad area. In some cases my understanding is pretty good; in other cases, I’ll be learning as I go and sharing what I learn. My strongest relevant area is computer security, but I’m not a cryptographer or an author of security software. As I research and write posts, my knowledge will improve, so please feel free to tell me about any mistakes I make.

The main domain for this blog is techno-liberty.info. It’s dedicated to information about information: the freedom to use it, the ways to use it, the dangers that go with it. It’s also available as techno-liberty.com, but the choice of .info as the primary domain is intentional.

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