The week in techno-liberty

Varying things a little again, here’s a digest of the top events of the past week in techno-liberty. These will be more substantial pieces than the “newsbits” I tried earlier, but not as extensive as full articles. If it works out, I’ll alternate these with essays. Let me know what you think.
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Tunneling under Trump’s wall with Bitcoin

Your wall won't stop Bitcoin, Mr. TrumpDonald Trump has talked about forcing Mexicans to pay for a border wall with a tax on remittances back home. When Mexicans working in the US send money back home, they’ll have to send a big chunk to Washington for the privilege. The tax would have to be huge to cover the Wall’s cost. People will look for alternatives — such as Bitcoin.

An article on Bitcoinist looks at the prospects for growth in Bitcoin transfers. Before it can tax them, the feds will have to find out. Bitcoin is designed to make that hard.
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The many uses of blockchains

A quick association test: When you hear “blockchain,” what word immediately comes to mind? “Bitcoin,” of course. For many people, the two are one and the same. They aren’t aware of the many other uses for the technology, probably because they don’t actually know what it consists of. It’s not easy to understand, but once you do, a huge range of applications opens up.
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