GPG, encryption, and signatures

A useful feature of this blog, at least for me, is getting me to do the things I should be doing. I’d let my GPG software slip to the point that it didn’t work with my current version of Thunderbird. This past weekend I got it back up to date. Since my PGP key was five years old and not strong enough by current standards, I revoked it and created a new key.

GnuPG logoAt the same time, I updated my Enigmail add-on for Thunderbird, which is what lets it encrypt and sign messages and decrypt and verify incoming ones. From now on, I’ll sign many of my messages. You’ll need to have some kind of PGP / GPG software on your end to verify the signatures; if you don’t, you’ll just see some meaningless-looking characters at the end, so it’s harmless.
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